Shared Equity Scheme

Ardent are delighted to launch a Shared Equity Scheme in partnership with Westmeath County Council. 

The houses are available for purchase by first time buyers who do not own or have a legal interest in a dwelling, with some exceptions applicable.  The dwellings will be sold at a price that is lower than market value, such price to be determined in accordance with the income of the purchaser.  The minimum prices to be paid by eligible purchasers for dwellings are detailed in the table below.

Westmeath County Council may not seek realisation of this Equity Share for a 40-year period (with exception where a breach of the agreement occurs). However, successful affordable purchasers can choose to redeem or purchase the Equity Share in the dwelling at any time by means of one or a series of payments to Westmeath County Council.

What is the Shared Equity Scheme?

All purchasers will sign up to a Shared Equity Purchase Agreement with Westmeath County Council. Westmeath County Council will retain an “Equity Share” in the property equal to:

‘The difference between the open market value of the dwelling and the Purchase Price paid by successful applicants’ expressed as a percentage of the Open Market Value of the dwelling’

Am I eligible?

  1. You must be a first-time buyer or meet the expectations under the fresh start principle; 
  2. Income limits:
 House TypeMax Household Income Limit (€) Min. Purchase Price (€)
2 Bedroom Terrace€75,729€241,248
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached – 2 Storey€81,836€260,729
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached – 3 Storey€83,057€265,232
3 Bedroom Terrace – 3 Storey€87,943€280,080
4 Bedroom House Semi-Detached€91,119€298,000
  • The successful purchaser will seek finance for the minimum purchase price 
  • Each person included in the application must have the right to reside in indefinitely in the State;
  • The affordable home must be the households normal place of residency;
  • Applicants purchase power must not exceed 95% of the markets value of the property.

What type of property can I buy?

The 2-bedroom homes are being made available for purchase from €241,248

The 3-bedroom homes are being made available for purchase from €260,729

The 4-bedroom homes are being made available for purchase from €298,000

Applications will be accepted via online application portal only which will go live on Tuesday 18th of October 2022 at 12 noon and will then close Tuesday 8th November 2022

Further information for this scheme is available at: