National property prices continue to rise and are expected to rise by a further 4% over the course of the year, according to the Society of chartered surveyors (SCSI). 

Since 2013 property prices have increased by 118%, however the price of new home is rising at a far lower pace. New homes are rising 6.2 % compared to 17.8 % of house price inflation for existing properties.

In Dublin, residential prices saw an increase of 11.5%, down from 12.7 per cent in March, while property prices outside Dublin were 16.4% higher year on year.

Housing market conditions have continued to tighten, the stock of homes listed for sale fell to a record low of just 11,200 in March, from 19,000 pre pandemic, with sites forced to close all over the country due to the price increasing, this is not a surprising outcome.

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